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31st July 2014

No Mod Cons

I am a lifelong renter. I missed the baby boomer property bonanza entirely by dint of a messy divorce in 1990, which stranded me with three young daughters and hardly any income...

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15th July 2014

My lowest housing ebbs

Once, while flat hunting, an estate agent showed me a terrible, terrible place in Finsbury Park. Far from being in a viewable state...

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19th June 2014

8 survival tips for living with couples

Remember that old adage? ‘Two’s company, three’s a consistent elbow in the delicate parts?’ I’m certain the ancient adage writer (probably Aesop, it was usually him) was living with a couple at the time...

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11th June 2014

Living with the enemy

The dream, at least for those people who aren't in a long term relationship and possibly for many who are, is to live alone. To be able to potter around in the dead of night...

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3rd June 2014

Squalid hovels I have loved

Some renters may think that homeowners have it easy, with their endless home improvements, trips to Ikea and gazebos. But as a smug homeowner, let me tell you this...

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21st May 2014

Why I Love Renting

There is a yellowing, crumbled piece of paper stuck to my parents’ fridge which looks like a soggy, tea stained, home made A-Z. It lists a litany of London addresses...

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16th May 2014

Food Sharing

It was only a Dairylea triangle. (Geometrically speaking it wasn't even a triangle, it was a sector, but if you say "Dairylea sector" people think you're weird.) Anyway...

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